What is an Alpha Male – A Detailed Answer

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What is an alpha male? Do they even exist? What makes them so different than other males? Today it’s all about them!

So about two years ago the concept of Alpha Male went viral all over social media and is growing rapidly since then. People started categorizing men as either alpha or beta.

There was support all over for this concept but at the same time some people had a different opinion, they said this concept is stupid and there is no such thing as an alpha male.

I think we need to dig deeper to know its reality.

What is an alpha male?

Here are what these big names say:

A dominant male in a particular group.


The highest ranking individual is designated as the alpha.


All of these definitions are correct.

Now it is time for mine!

An alpha male is the dominant and the highest ranking individual who goes out and gets whatever he wants. He is the top guy, the leader, the boss!

Is this concept stupid?

NO! I am saying this because different men have different traits and qualities and they are the biggest reason of one’s success or failure in life.

All of these qualities can be obtained. This means one can go from being the average or beta to becoming the alpha!

Eight signs someone is an alpha male

Everything is fine, but how can I know if I am dealing with an alpha male?

Here are all the signs someone is an alpha!

They are confident

This was a no-brainer. Alpha males are really confident! Where everyone feels nervous, the alphas don’t. They always step up.

The alphas never shy away from being in the spotlight and just love being the center of attention!

They go to the gym

If you know someone who regularly visits the gym and works out every single day, there is no doubt of him being an alpha male!

If a man takes care of his body and his overall health, he will always dominate every other guy in the room.

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They dress well

An alpha male does only goes to the gym, he also dresses better than every single person in town. Instead for showing off, he wears good clothes out of respect for himself.

They Stand up for themselves

Average men don’t stand up for their rights. They are afraid of the opinions of others and just cannot stand people hating them.

So whenever you find someone who completely opposite, get to know he is an alpha male!

They take care of their skin

If someone is an alpha male, he will always care about how his skin looks and feels. He will always use the best skin care system to always keep his skin healthy.

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They always accept their mistakes

Average or beta males are known for hiding their mistakes by questioning someone else’s efforts.

The alphas are completely opposite, they accept their mistakes and work really hard to fix them.

They have their own opinions

Instead of agreeing with everyone, they have their own opinions.

They read books every single day and watch helpful videos and know what is happening all around the world. Be like them!

They take action

Instead of being like the 90% of males, who either dream or complain all day long, the alpha male takes action.

He just goes for everything he wants. Either he’ll get it or he won’t. He knows that’s life!

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