Tiege Hanley Skin Care Review – Yay or Nay?

Tiege Hanley Skin Care System Review
Tiege Hanley review
Tiege Review
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Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler!

Albert Einstein

This perfectly goes with Tiege Hanley’s vision: Make all of your products simple and really easy to use while serving the best quality!

We men like it simple, no drama, no confusion! And that is what we usually get!

But when it comes skin care, everything gets complicated!

There are hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, and what we get is nothing but confusion… 😐

Now, this is where Tiege Hanley stands out! They promise to provide Uncomplicated Skin Care For Men!

Now let me tell you something, words are not enough… This was the reason why I decided to test it out and uncover the real face of Tiege: Yay or nay?

Just before I ordered…

Just moments before I ordered the regular Tiege Hanley skin care system, I realized that I had severe acne on my face! Thus, I decided to go for the acne system instead of the regular one.

I chose it because I knew that only after a month of use I’ll surely get to know if there was any difference on my face or not.

Spoiler: I ordered. 😜

What was in the package?

So, this is what I got:

1 Face Wash

1 Facial Scrub

2 Moisturizing Acne Creams

1 Morning Facial Moisturizer

A Beginner’s Tutorial Card

How much product did I use + their characteristics!

As I’ve written above, I got an amazing beginner’s card, and acting maturely, I decided to completely follow it. 😎

Below, I’ve provided you with all the information:

Tiege face wash.

This is a picture of Tiege Hanley Face Wash by Manly Fashion Club

As per the the instructions given on the card, I used fair amount of it for washing my face twice a day.

Now, there were no specific times given to wash the face, so I decided it for myself: Just after waking up and just before bed!

Let’s talk about its characteristics:

So the bottle contains nearly 75 milligrams of the product.

Unlike many other face washes, this one is a bit different. It has no foam.

Other than this, it is just another face wash, but, it does what is required: It cleans up your face!

Tiege scrub.

This is a picture of Tiege Hanley's exfoliating scrub by Manly Fashion Club.

I was instructed to use this scrub at least 2 and at most 3 times a week, and surprisingly, that is exactly what I did.

Unlike the wash, I used a very small amount of the scrub, because, That’s what i was told…

What about this dude’s character?

This bottle contains only 22 milligrams of exfoliating scrub, which is a perfect amount, and will most probably last more than a month!

Now, this scrub is special and much better than its competition!

Asking Why?

It is, hands down, the best exfoliator in the whole world right now, mark my words!

It gives a real refreshing feel after use, which feels damn great!

Tiege acne cream.

This is a picture of Tiege Hanley's acne cream by Manly Fashion Club.

Here comes the main player! The acne cream!

I used it twice a day, just before leaving home in the morning and just before going to bed, really tired.

I used a very small amount of it and only applied it on the affected areas.

What about this bad boy’s character?

Each of its bottle weighed about 24 grams. (A total of 48 grams).

I believe the acne cream was more than enough, which is really great!

It has a pleasant, manly scent which smells royal.

If you apply it as instructed, you will start seeing results within 7 to 21 days. (your acne will nearly end)

Please don’t even think that it will end forever, if you stop using it, the acne will hug you back… 😔

Pro Tip: if you really want to get rid of acne in a single day for a festival or something, use a big amount of it on the affected areas, acne might surprisingly vanish for a day or two! 😲

Tiege AM moisturizer.

Tiege AM moisturizer review by Manly Fashion Club.

The AM moisturizer is a bit different than other moisturisers…

The Reason?

It also serves as a great sunscreen!

This was the reason why I was instructed to use it only in the morning, after applying the acne cream.

It worked wonders!

What’s next? Its Characteristics!

Let’s start off by talking about its size.

Just like the scrub, this tiny bottle also contains 22 milligrams of awesome moisturiser!

I feel that the amount is really very less because, unlike the scrub, we have to use it daily…

It will probably end before 30 days…

What does it feel like? AWEEEESOOOOME!

Let’s talk about the results!

Results of tiege hanley's usage by Manly Fashion Club.

A little progress each day adds up to BIG results!

Let’s take a brief look on how my skin changed every week.

Here goes:

Week 1.

To be very honest, there were no big differences that I found on my face… Sad huh? 😢

That was when I read the last line on the information card:

Don’t worry, you’ll see results after using our system for at least 2 to 3 weeks!

This one liner changed my mind and I decided to continue using it with the same hope, love and passion. 🙋

Week 2.

At the end of this week, I started seeing some changes on my face.

Even though, the changes were not massive but were enough to let me know that unlike other skin care products, the Tiege system actually works!

The acne on my skin became really small as compared to what it was!

Let’s continue…

Week 3.

As the 3rd week ended, majority of the acne on my face vanished…

So what was left?

There still was a bit of acne and a lot of acne scars (I hate them 😤).

My skin was really soft due to the regular use of tiege scrub (the best exfoliating product I have used).

My skin went from being “ugly and cringeworthy” to “freaking awesome” 😎.

Off to the last week!

Week 4.

This week, Tiege Hanley got rid of even the little bit of acne left. Great!

But there was still a problem left… The acne scars!

Even by applying all the products as instructed, I wasn’t free from the acne scars.

So I decided to do a bit of research on Google…

I found out that acne scars take much longer to go away as compared to acne.

Hopefully after using tiege for some more months, I will get free from them too!


Tiege Hanley review
Tiege Review
Great Skin Care products for men who like it simple! Get it now, Click the button below for a Huge Discount!
Easy to Use
No Side Effects
Info Packed!
Doesn't last 30 days
Wait a bit to see results
Get 20% Off Now ↓

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tiege Hanley:

Is Tiege Hanley any good?

Tiege Hanley is just awesome. Whether it is with the skin care system or the acne system, Tiege hanley has always delivered amazing results. The company even has a 4.1 stars rating on Amazon!

How much does Tiege Hanley cost?

Tiege Hanley has priced its kits differently. Skin care system level 1 costs about $25, level 2 costs $35 and level 3 is for $45. On the other hand, the acne system level 1 costs $35 while level 2 comes with a $45 price tag.

Is Tiege Hanley good for dry skin?

Tiege Hanley skin care sysytem level 1 comes with a morning facial moisturizer and a bedtime facial moisturizer, this proves that Tiege Hanley is really beneficial for dry skin.

Is Tiege Hanley good for acne?

Tiege Hanley offers its acne system to people suffering from acne. Honestly, I approve Tiege Hanley acne system, it is amazing for fighting severe acne. It is even dermatologist recommended.

Can females use Tiege Hanley?

While Tiege Hanley has been marketed mainly to men, there is nothing bad if females use Tiege Hanley. In fact, they might be impressed with its simplicity, ease of use and results.

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