How to Start a Fashion Blog That Generates Over $5338 Per Month!

How to start a successful fashion blog.

The fashion industry is booming right now! Everyone wants to dive in, make a name for themselves and who knows, maybe make a fortune too?

The good news is, fashion is a trillion dollar industry, even if you manage to successfully get a small portion of it, you can easily make tremendous amounts of money, or at least bring in a decent living for yourself and your family.

Not only will you be able to make money, you will also be able to help people with your amazing fashion advice and make this world a bit more artsy and beautiful!

So with all this amazing news, let’s start the guide.

Introduction to the world of blogging

Welcome to the blogging world. Learn all the myths about blogging.

Welcome to the blogging world!

Firstly, let’s get some misconceptions clear. 😉

It’s not easy

Many people dream to become a blogger because they think blogging is easy money… ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

The truth is, blogging, especially fashion blogging, is not easy. There is a lot of competition out there, and standing out of the crowd is one difficult task.

You’ll have to be smart enough to figure out the topics that are searched a lot but don’t have a lot of competition.

Secondly, you will have to work really hard while promoting your blog on social media, finding the hashtags that work, commenting on all trending fashion posts and sometimes even running ads. (Not necessary though).

You might not have a lot of free time (at least not for 1-2 years)

Another misconception people have about bloggers is that they have a lot of free time… Well, it is only somewhat true.

Let me explain:

Only the bloggers who are already set and are getting over a million views every month have a lot of free time, but those are just starting out will have to put 5-6 hours (sometimes even 8-10 hours) every day writing new posts and promoting their blog (It is a nightmare).

Placing Google ads won’t provide a fortune

‘Placing Google ads all over your website will make you rich’ is another big misconception about blogging.

The truth is, unless you get over a hundred thousand or more visitors a month, you can not generate a substantial income from it.

You will have to create different income streams from your blog, such as affiliate marketing, selling physical and digital products and doing sponsored posts.

Finally you are aware of all the myths and misconceptions of fashion blogging.

If you still want to do it, here is the complete guide on starting a fashion blog that has the potential to generate over $5338 per month:

Set up your fashion blog

Create your blog and set it up.

The firs step to create a successful fashion website is to set it up. Below are some steps to set up the most beautiful and SEO-friendly website easily.

Buy a domain name

The first step to create your website is to buy an amazing domain name.

So what are some signs that the domain name you are buying is amazing?

  • The TLD is a common and popular one (.com and .org are two good examples).
  • It is under 15 characters (This makes your address easy to remember).
  • If you are going for more than 15 characters, make sure it is easy to remember (A famous phrase can be a good option).
  • The name represents what your website is about (You may also go with your own name).

Get hosting for your website

Secondly, you will have to get hosting for your domain so you can install WordPress on it.

Make sure you to go with the a good hosting provider. Asking Why?

It’s because hosting plays a big role in a blog’s success or failure.

.A good hosting plan will give you fast load times, 99.99% uptime guarantee and a lightning fast customer support.

On the other hand, a bad host will ensure that your websites loads really slow, it’s down not working more than half of the time and you get no customer support (I am pretty sure these are the last things you want).

Therefore, I came up with two amazing hosts offering amazing hosting plans just for you!


Bluehost is the most popular WordPress host + It has garnered a huge number of amazing customer reviews.

They are known for offering very cheap and affordable hosting plans which give even better results than some high-end hosting companies’ plans.

Bluehost offers cloud hosting, shared web hosting (cheapest) and special WordPress-only hosting.


On the other hand, Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting company powered by Google Cloud.

This means:

  • It is designed specially for WordPress (they are pros at it).
  • It is managed. This means you’ll not have to put in a day or two to get your website working.
  • It is powered by Google Cloud. This means it is really fast (the Google speed).

Sure, their plans are a bit expensive (starting at 30 dollars a month) but you’ll love the experience, I promise.

There will always be two people from their support team online just for you.

Lastly, they will make your website’s clone so you’ll never lose it.

Install WordPress

Install WordPress on the hosting you bought and start your blog.

Now, you’ll have to Install WordPress.

If you are going with Bluehost:

You’ll see a button in your customer panel saying “Install WordPress”.

Simply click on it and write your website’s name and click “Install”.

If you can’t figure out how, you can always contact the live chat support and ask them how. They’ll surely help you out!

If you are going with Kinsta:

You’ll see an option “Sites” under settings on the left of your screen.

Click on it and and select “add site”. Write Your website’s name, select the location of your target audience and click install.

If you can’t figure out the location, you can always contact the support team and they’ll tell you the best location for hosting.

Buy a fashion magazine theme

The last step at setting up your blog is to buy a fashion magazine theme from ThemeForest and upload it.

There are literally over a thousand fashion magazine themes to choose from, but in my opinion, you should go with:

  1. Newspaper
  2. Soledad (page builder friendly).
  3. Valenti
  4. 15Zine (bestseller)
  5. Hemlock (bestseller)

After buying your desired theme and uploading it by just one click, you’ll be presented with a lot of demos to choose from.

If you really want, you can also build your website’s look from scratch (it’s really easy).

Stand out and get noticed

Stand out as a fashion and beat the competition.

There are over a billion websites and blogs on the internet today. Millions of them are fashion blogs. Standing out is tough.

Don’t worry, not for you…

If you follow my footsteps, I promise you’ll stand and get a lot traffic on your blog almost instantaneously!

Install Yoast plugin

Yoast is an SEO plugin, it will optimize your website for search engines so it takes Google and Bing no time to fetch your blog posts.

This will help rank much faster than you would have before.

Yoast also helps you know how the people will like your article with its live reading test. Isn’t it amazing?

Find low competition topics to write about

The second step to stand out and get noticed is to find topics and questions that are searched regularly but not many blogs have written about it.

For example, if you are going to write a topic on hair loss, make as narrow as possible.

So if you were thinking to write something like “how to stop hair loss” write a long article on “how to stop hair loss for men aged 20-25”..

This will target a specific audience and at the same time you’ll have no blogs to compete with. Happy Traffic!

Make money from your blog

Get to know all the ways to make money from your fashion blog and make it profitable.

Let’s be honest, a big reason for you to start a fashion blog is to make money from it. Well, congratulations because you have chosen the right path and niche.

A fashion blog is extremely monetizable. From Ads to affiliate marketing and even sponsored posts, there’s nothing you can’t do to make big bucks from the comfort of your own home!

Google Adsense

Adsense from Google is the first option that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking about monetizing a website.

It is easy to implement, is really secure as Google is the owner of the program and it pays pretty well too.

Another amazing thing about Google Adsense is that it doesn’t matter what’s the size of traffic your blog is getting, you can start running ads the very first day of starting your blog (If Google accepts your request).

The million dollar question, however, is, are Google Ads worth using if you are getting no to very little amount of daily traffic?

Well, it depends…

I mean, you can surely make a dollar or two with 10-20 daily visitiors (only if the visitors are from first world countries like US or some European countries).

Affiliate marketing

Believe it or not, affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your website. It is easy, fast, and pays anywhere from 4-30% of the total price of the products sold.

Nearly every company is trying to come up with an amazing affiliate program nowadays. Asking Why? Well, who doesn’t like free advertisement!

Not only will the company get free advertisement, they will also get a customer for years. So it’s a win-win situation for both you and them.

I know you might not know anything about affiliate marketing yet, but don’t worry, it’s really easy to understand and implement. Here’s a full step-by-step affiliate marketing guide by Neil Patel for absolute beginners.

Sponsored posts

Another great way to go is sponsored posts. Keep in mind, you won’t start getting sponsorship offers until your blog gets one of the biggest in its niche.

Doing sponsored posts is really easy. You simply write a post specifically for the brand you are endorsing, and they pay you hefty amounts of money for it.

You’ll have to link to their website or Instagram account (or whatever they ask you to do). If it’s a product you are endorsing, you can even add an affiliate link instead of the normal one. This way you’ll be able to earn much more than what you’d have earned previously.

Sell your own products

Unlike Sponsored posts, you can sell your own products whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if your blog is big or small. However a huge blog will sell much more products as compared to a relatively new one.

All you have to is to install a plugin called “WooCommerce” on your WordPress dashboard, list your products and bring traffic to them by telling people about ’em.

Here is the whole WooCommerce guide for you to start selling right away!

Promote your blog

Get the word out and promote your amazing work!

The final step is to to promote your blog as much as you can so more and more people can reach it and get your amazing fashion advice every day!

Instagram account

Promoting your work on Instagram is very important as it has the potential to bring in lots of traffic for your blog + It’s real fun doing it!

I mean, we already use Instagram for hours, every single day, and we love it! So promoting your blog on this social won’t even seem like work to you.

All you have to do in order get loads of attention from people is to post amazing content every day, use the hashtags that work and put in your blog’s URL in your bio. That’s it!

YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is another great way to get attention. The only problem is, it’s much harder to post on YouTube than it is to post on Instagram, but, there’s an upside to it as well: You can tons of money doing it! 💰

You’ll have to buy a camera, microphone and learn a good video editing software to succeed on this platform, but keep in mind, if you win, you’ll win big! YouTube gives you the opportunity to become a star overnight, so think a thousand times before rejecting the idea.

Run ads

Third and the last way to gain traffic is by running ads all over the internet. I get it, it’s really expensive to run ads if you are just starting out, and that’s the reason why i have listed it as the last option.

So if you are starting out and are on a short budget, don’t make the mistake of running advertisements. This option is only for the people willing to spend huge amounts of money.

Make sure to run ads on Google and put all other social media apps second because Google is the platform where your main business is located. Right kind of attention only!


I hope I have given out enough information to help you start your own fashion blog, make it real successful and even make it a source earning a living too.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section, I’ll love to help.

By the way, I just started a new blog which will help you on your entrepreneurial journey, named Podozio. Make sure to check it out. Bye!

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