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What is Nofap and What are its Benefits

The boom of nofap and no P.M.O started about 2 years ago. Men all over the world started practicing it and claimed experiencing superpowers never thought of before.

Was it all a propaganda? Was it all just a new way of trying to ban porn sites, or does it actually work? Let’s find it out together! 😉

What is nofap?

Picture of Nofap

I love the definition from the official Nofap website! Have a look:

Nofap is a practice of avoiding all forms of artificial sexual stimulations e.g., watching porn and masturbating

In other words, it is a challenge of not masturbating and getting a control over your mind and desires, as well as quitting watching porn, usually for a certain period of time to experience health and mind benefits, otherwise known as “nofap superpowers”.

Does nofap actually work?

The answer is both YES & NO.

  • YES: It does give you a lot of psychological and physical benefits.
  • NO: You don’t get actual “superpowers”. Get it out of your head.

Benefits of nofap

There are so many benefits you get by practicing nofap, it’s insane! 9 major benefits you experience are:

1. Faster facial hair growth.

Man with a Beard

Struggling for a fuller, thicker beard but not getting one? Want your hair to grow faster than before? I’ve got a solution!

One big factor that affects your facial hair growth is your testosterone level. Masturbating on a regular basis drastically lowers the level of the testosterone in your body.

The most effective way to gain all the testosterone back and much more? Practice Nofap.

It is scientifically proven that this practice of retaining the semen helps in increasing one’s testosterone levels, as a result, increasing facial hair and its growth!

2. No awkward shyness while communicating!

Man facing Shyness

Many of us struggle at talking confidently with the people around us, especially women.

Why is this so?

It is because by fapping every single day, we start losing much of our confidence, drive and vibe!

What do you think happens if you get a good Nofap streak?

You get all of that confidence, drive and vibe back!

Then what?

Simple! You will not only be able to talk to all the hot chicks out there but they will surely fall for you at the very first talk!

Isn’t it great?

3. Deep, Manly Voice!

manly voice

Millions of men lack confidence while speaking to a gathering or even on one-to-one conversations.

The main reason? Their high-toned feminine voice!

Now, I know I might have to face critical backlash by some of the readers because of speaking the truth out loud!

Want to hear another bitter truth?

It is all their fault!

Science says that the higher the testosterone levels of a man, the deeper his voice (I came in with all the evidences 😎.)

4. Start enjoying the little things in life!

A black couple

When we masturbate daily we start losing the interest in all other (big and small) activities.

The only things that we get excited about are watching porn and seeing nudity.

Practicing Nofap will be great! You will start enjoying all the little things like you did when you were just a kid.

When you will start enjoying the little activities, you will ultimately start enjoying the big things or activities! Got it?

Stop masturbating everyday and start living the life you always desired… A happy one!

5. Increased sleep quality!

Sleeping head

There are many of us who struggle all day long just because the lack of good sleep.

I have a really great news for all of you! If you stop masturbating and adopt the Nofap lifestyle, you will get rid of this problem very soon, In Sha Allah!

Just because of increased sleep quality, you can have many other advantages too! here goes:

You’ll be on time.

You will need very few hours to fully charge and to face the challenging day waiting for you.

Therefore, when you’ll rise up early and that too, with full of strength, you will be able to get ready much faster than before!

You’ll get things done.

One good thought in the morning will truly give you a great day!

When you will rise up early and be there on time, your mind will start believing that you can do all the things you once could not.

As a result, you will! It’s because what you put in that mind will become a reality soon enough!

6. Full of motivation

A man sitting on a mountain

There are millions and millions of men who always fail to succeed just because the lack of motivation.

They got an exception, they haven’t read my blog yet…. but not you!

Let me tell you just some of the benefits of having killer motivation:

You won’t give up easily!

Yes, you read that right!

You just don’t know one of the most powerful reasons behind your failures… Giving up when things start to get rough!

Just remember:

“Anything worth doing will always be difficult”

Difficult tasks will start to seem easier.

Motivation is long known for helping you do the tasks that you fear.

There are many people who don’t  do something just because they fear the end results, but if you will have motivation, it will provide you with the courage to make anything happen!

Motivation teaches perserverance!

Mark my words, there will always come a time in your life where you would be tired of trying really hard, you will be near giving up.

At that time you will only need perseverance, the hard work you do after working hard!

Motivation helps!

7. Unmatched levels of Strength.

big and muscular arms due to nofap

Here, I am not talking about the strength to kill others (it is included too 😏) but it is more of a getting-things-done kind of strength.

Now, Let me explain…

Your semen is literally all energy and if you start wasting it every single day, you will start losing the drive get your tasks done.

As a result, your daily, monthly and yearly goals will always remain untouched and unreached. (Just Saying 😶)

The only way to reach all your goals? Practice Nofap!

8. 100% Confidence!

Barack Obama

Now coming to the big and great ones, the first one is confidence!

Not just any ordinary confidence, if you’ll practice Nofap, you will get the highest level of confidence possible for a man to have.

A bully will never be able to bully you, people making fun of your failures won’t bother you and so much more!

Why? Just because you practice Nofap!

9. People will be attracted to you.

nofap makes the attraction of a man and woman

Now coming to the last and the most important one: Attraction towards you!

This means that 99.99% of time the girl you will be attracted to, would have already found you attractive! Great! Isn’t it?

Not only this, if you are going for an interview for a job, it is very probable that you and only you will be selected!


It’s not because of your degrees but because the selector will be attracted by you! It will work even better if the interviewer is a girl 😜

People can feel that you can do anything just because you have mastered self mastery!


Nofap is a great way to find the old you back! The one who was always happy, adventurous and courageous… The real YOU! 😍

So if you want to be great again, practice Nofap!

Have a successful one!

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