How To Lose Weight Fast: A Complete Guide

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Are you tired of watching videos and reading hundreds of blog posts every month on how to lose weight fast but still not getting results?

Don’t worry, finally you’ve come to the very perfect place!

Firstly, let me tell you the bitter truth!

Cutting out sugars from your diet and sitting on your couch all day long won’t provide you with satisfying results.

So if you are finding some kinds of magical tricks to lose weight, this article is not for you.

You can check out Gym Wear Guide instead.

For those of you, who are ready to sacrifice and get out of your comfort zone, You are the real heroes!

This article is for you!

Let’s get started!

Note: This article might get really long as I have decided to provide you with every single piece of information about weight loss. Make sure to prepare a cup of coffee before you start reading. ☕

Make up your mind

This is a picture of a man with brain deciding to lose weight this month.

The Mind is Everything.
What You Think, You Become!


Whenever you want to achieve something big, you have to make sure that you are determined as hell!

When you take time to train your brain and get ready for any obstacle that comes your way, you’ll be unstoppable!

The only question you might ask is “But how?”

Don’t worry, I told you that I will provide you with each and every single piece of information that might help you lose weight! 😎

Talk to yourself in the mirror

Talking to yourself in the mirror is the very best way to gain confidence and motivation in a small amount of time

Just say phrases like:

  • I can!
  • No one can stop me!
  • I am the best!
  • I have to do it for myself!
  • Easy is boring!
  • It is my time!
  • I am ready!

This trick always works for me, might just become your favorite one too! 🔥

Use people’s criticism as fuel

What happens when someone makes fun of you?

Exactly! You feel worthless!

Now you are left with two choices only!

  • Get extremely demotivated and act as if you are happy being fat and unhealthy even when deep inside, you know you are not.
  • Get to know that the people are actually right because it is your fault that you are fat. You weren’t born fat, your choices made you fat!

Push harder every day to become the best version of yourself!

Do cardio five times a week

This is a picture of cardio machines used to burn fats and to lose weight.

Want to lose weight?

It’s simple. You’ll have to do a lot of cardio, and by a lot, I mean at least for one hour per day!

I know you might be thinking “It’s too much for me!”

Don’t worry, I can help.

If you feel that you can’t perform an hour long cardio, split it in half. Do cardio for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.


If half an hour is too long. You can do it for 15 minutes, four times a day.

Thank me later 😎

Want to make the most out of cardio?

High intensity interval training:

If you really want to make the most out of cardio, you need to know about H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training).

Unlike regular running, this one is a bit different.

You won’t be running for a long period of time at the same pace, instead, you will be running in sets.

In each set, you will push yourself hard and try to reach your maximum heart rate (stay safe).

Keep in mind, you will not be resting after completing a set, rather, you will just start jogging instead of running to give your heart some time to recover.

After jogging for a short period for a short period of time, start running again (hard!)

This type of training is three times better than regular cardio.

Have a look at the detailed article on H.I.I.T by

Fasted Cardio:

Another cool way to make the most out of this essential exercise is by doing it on an empty stomach.

Make sure that you have not eaten anything for the last 4 to 5 hours before having a run.

Why am I saying so?

When you are running, your body needs energy, which it usually gets from the food you had some time ago.

So when your body gets to know that there is no food to get the energy from, it digs up on the fats stored in your body to get it.

This way, you end up burning way more fat that you’d have burned otherwise.

Just imagine doing High intensity interval training on a treadmill or elipticial trainer with an empty stomach. Woooo!

Cut back on sugars

This is a picture of a sweet yellow doughnut.

If you only keep good food in your fridge, you will only eat good food!

Errick McAdams

Now this one was quite obvious.

Want to lose weight fast?

Consume less calories,

Sugary meals contain much more calories than any other meal.

For example, a doughnut has much more calories than two full-sized plates of broccoli.

Shocking, isn’t it?

You might say “How can I leave all sweets in a sudden, I am so used to having them at least once a day?”

Are you sure that you want to lose weight fast?

If yes, you’ll have to do it!

Now I know it’s really difficult to completely get rid of nearly all sugars from your diet but I apologize, there is no easy way out!

Do weight training 5 times a week

Weight training to lose weight fast

Lifting weights to lose weight is so underrated, it’s awful!

Many people think lifting heavy weights is just for getting a badass muscular body.

Completely wrong. 😞

Weight training also plays a crucial role in helping you lose weight and stubborn fat.

Didn’t get what I said?

Let me explain.

Lifting heavy damages and tears your muscles which then take energy from the fats stored in your body to repair and grow even bigger than they were before!

Your muscles take energy from your fats for at least 24 to 48 hours to fully repair.

It means that unlike cardio, you will keep losing fat for one to two days just by doing weight training!

Got it?

Great! 😎

Use LeanMode (weight management supplement)

This is a picture of LeanMode supplements for weight loss.

Now this one is not necessary, but if you are really serious and want to lose weight fast, you must give it a try. 😉

LeanMode is a complete weight management system.

It is known to get rid of your sugar cravings helping you stay as fat free as possible.

You can’t control everything in your life, but you can surely control what you put in your body!

Muhammad Bin Naveed

LeanMode also takes your takes your metabolism levels through the roof so that not only your body will find it very easy to lose weight when you work out, it will also get the ability to get rid of as many fats as it can even when you are sitting on your couch watching Netflix.

How to get the most out of your workouts

Question about how to get the most out of workouts.

There is only one question that remains….

How can I make the most out of my workouts and experience the best results humanly possible?

Don’t worry, I am here to help!

below, I have provided you with three steps that you can take to make the most out of your gym time.

Drink a cup of coffee 30 minutes before gym

Caffeine really boosts your performance in the gym.

According to

“Caffeine works on the central nervous system by promoting spinal cord excitability and muscle fiber recruitment, while decreasing perceptions of fatigue and muscle pain.”

They also wrote that all the athletes who had coffee before working out experienced improved performance anywhere from 3.3 percent up to a whopping 20 percent!

However there is downside to having strong coffee everyday…

Sleep = Impossible!

Motivational songs will do the trick

From ages, music is known to pump you up for accomplishing your goals.

People used to listen to drumbeats at the time of war to stay fired up all the time.

This also goes perfectly when working out. You listen to songs, you perform better!

Want to do even better?

Listen to motivational songs!

A research shows that the people who listened to music with a high bass while working out, experienced improved performance by up to 30%.

Music is Magic!

Motivational quotes will also help

For many people, this one won’t be as effective as the two previous ones.

But why?

It is because they don’t know how to use motivational quotes to their fullest potential.

Many people just go on google and search for the quotes they need, they read them and close that tab.

This is not the best way to utilize them.

Instead of doing that, you should save the best ones, choose your two favorite ones and put one one your mobile’s locked screen and and the other one on its home screen.

This way whenever you will pick up your phone, you will remember your goal and never forget it.

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Conclusion: How to lose weight fast

At the end of the day, if you want to lose weight fast, you need to know everything about the calorie-in, calorie-out theory.

If you burn more calories than you take in everyday, you’ll lose weight.

So if you want to fasten up the process of losing weight, you will have to burn much more calories than you eat.

Easy? Isn’t it?

Just make sure you don’t completely stop eating. Stay safe. 😇

Another way to lose weight fast is by staying consistent.

I have seen so many people doing everything perfectly but just because they aren’t consistent, they don’t get their desired results and so they quit.

These people go to gym for the first day and then go on vacations for 3-5 days and come back for a day or two and then again, vacation time!

There is no way they will reach their goals. Don’t be like them.

Being consistent is the key to success. You gotta work hard every single day for the body you want!

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