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What to Wear For Gym – Look Amazing and Perform Your Level Best!

Maria Sharapova once said:

When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you are wearing is very important. If you look good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything!

The quote written above is 100% True!

I know that gym should not be considered as a fashion place but that does not mean that you have no right to look good there!

In fact, if you will look good in the gym, your insecurity regarding your appearance will vanish immediately and you will be at your very best!

Why should you believe my words?

It is because I have also gone through this problem…

There is one more advantage of wearing gym-friendly clothes, they will help you perform better!

It is because the clothes that are made specifically for workout make working out so much more easier as compared to working out in random clothes….

Enough of the intro, let’s start off with WHAT TO WEAR TO THE GYM:

1. Breathable Clothes.

Millions of people still don’t know the advantages of wearing breathable clothes and not showing off their bodies by wearing super tight clothes and looking like a DBAG!

One of the biggest advantages is that it will become really easy to perform the exercises that you couldn’t perform wearing tight clothes.

One more advantage is, it might just save you from a huge embarrassment!


Well, I have seen many people walking around in the gym wearing a trouser torn from between the legs… 😂

2. A pair of Nike shoes is Compulsory!

Picture of Nike brand by Manly Fashion Club

Nike! The Ultimate Sports Brand!

I bet that every single sports enthusiast you’ve met owns at least 2 to 3 Nike items! That’s how popular the brand is!

It got so famous because of its commitment of producing the best quality items for its customers. Fully trusted!

I also want you to get at least one pair of ’em today for gym.

3. Gym gloves

Many people often underestimate the need of having at least one pair of gym gloves.

They really don’t know how much grip and help they provide while lifting weights. It is insane!

When I first started gym, I had no gym gloves (just like every other dude 😜) and I really had a tough time while lifting, my hands used to be really slippery.

After a month or two I ordered a great pair of gym lifting gloves.

Boom! I got superpowers! Now I could perform as many reps as possible without worrying about my slippery hands.

Get one today!

4. Wear Antiperspirants!

I literally hate the dudes running on the treadmill and their disgusting smell floating in the air all around.

Now, many people think that the ordinary deodorants will work nice enough, but no, they don’t!

The ordinary deodorants won’t always keep your body dry.

Here is where the antiperspirants come in.

They will not only keep you dry for a long period of time but will also keep you from being known as the smelly DBAG!

5. Wireless earphones will work great!

Picture of wireless earphones for gym wear

I don’t know about you but I really hate fixing up the messed up wires of my regular earphones!

And, don’t even talk about headphones!

So, we are only left with one option, luckily, it is great! Wireless Bluetooth earphones!

I have been using them for months now and i love them. i don’t have to fix the wires of my earphones again and again nor do i have to deal with the gigantic and smelly headphones.

Do you know what’s even better? Bluetooth earphones fit really well.

Get one pair from nearest store today!


1. Jeans, jeans, jeans!

Man wearing jeans at gym

Guess what’s the worst thing to wear to the gym? Right, jeans!

It is because jeans are extra tight therefore, you won’t be able to exercise to your potential and you won’t get potential results!

Nothing makes you look more of a foolish person than wearing jeans to the gym because, well, it is!

So, what can you do? Buy trousers!

They will help you move faster, more efficiently and you will be able to run to your potential. One more thing, you won’t feel awkward in the gym.

Great! Isn’t it?

2. 100% cotton will make it harder…

man wearing 100% cotton half sleeves shirt

Many people make the mistake of wearing their ordinary 100% cotton t-shirts to the gym.

These shirts absorb all the moisture and as a result you walk with really heavy and sweaty t-shirt for the rest of your workout.

The solution? Buy quick dry shirts for gym

These shirts are specifically to keep you dry while working out by not absorbing all the moisture and helping you feel light all the time!

3. Humongous headphones need to go!

man wearing headphones for workout at gym

I don’t prefer wearing headphones to the gym for two main reasons:

  • They don’t look stylish: It is right! They might be good for sound and music, but stylish? A DEFINITE NO!

  • They’ll smell gross: You read that right! What do you think, your sweat from your head and ears will make your earphones smell great?

  • Won’t fit on your head: Well, they will be sticking on your head if you are lifting and doing other exercises, but when it comes to cardio, they will get off every now and then! (Not a great choice 😈).

4. Extra tight clothes will make you a loser.

man wearing tight clothes for gym by Manly Fashion Club.

Have you seen guys wearing extra tight clothes to the gym and showing off bodies?

Those guys try too hard to get attention. And, instead of getting attention, what they get is laughs and trolls!

There is one more downside of this, your body won’t be able breath and move well, therefore, you won’t be able to perform well!

Get rid of all the tight clothes in your wardrobe right now!

5. “Extra short” shorts

man wearing underwear by Manly Fashion Club

I really can’t explain how many guys are roaming around in the gym wearing extra short shorts and exposing all of their “stuff”.

What they don’t know is, they make everyone fell awkward and at the same time, the look and get recognized as a Dou***bag!

If only they start a bit longer shorts, they would feel much and also help the gym members concentrate on their own workout instead of someone else’s “stuff”!


So this was my article on what and what not to wear to the gym, please share it and tell your buddies about it!

You can check out my article: How to become an alpha male!

Have a great day, Manly Fashion Club Members!

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