The Absolute Best Winter Fragrances For Men

Top 10 men's fragrances for winter

Believe it or not, winter is the best season to smell great.

The beautiful cold mornings, romantic cold nights, they don’t deserve the second-best you. They in-fact deserve the best you. The amazingly dressed and out-of-the-world smelling you!

It is the season when you get things right. From Halloween to New Year, winter is stuffed with amazing events that demand an amazing version of you.

We men almost always get our clothes right, the only thing we usually lack is a great fragrance that makes us truly ready to face the world.

Today, let’s uncover not one but nine perfect fragrances for the the best season of the year!

9. Pure XS

One of the best winter fragrances for men: Pure XS by Paco Rabbane.

Pure XS is an amazing men’s fragrance for the winter time. It has got some amazing notes that make it smell like you are in a fantasy world.

Anyone who smelled this fragrance on me said that it smelled amazing! However, many of them also said that it feels feminine. It was said rightly so because of all the sweetness that came from the base notes of vanilla and sugar + the extreme lack of any masculine notes.

Pure XS stays on your skin for a long time but its projection is not good at all. It projects even less than an hour and then becomes a skin scent that only you can smell. This is the reason why pure XS is at the number 10 spot.

If you want to learn more about this release, you may read the Paco Rabbane’s Pure XS review here.

8. Stronger With You

This fragrance’s immensely strong power is the reason why it is so good for winter. Stronger with you lasts all day long on you and projects a lot! It beats the cold winds of the winter season and stays alive for as long as possible.

Jeremy, the biggest YouTuber in the fragrance niche says that it is a scent that smells like almonds and other amazing nuts. So if you are an almond lover, you have a good option!

The character of this fragrance is much like Ultra Male and Versace Eros (sweet & strong), however, it is just a bit different: It smells like a grown up man’s fragrance. So if you are a teenager who wants to smell like a teenager, this fragrance is probably not for you. For all others, it is yes! Number 9 slot for this amazing scent.

7. Ultra Male

Here comes the bad boy fragrance! The alpha male! The strongest and the most attractive man in town! It is this guy, the one wearing Ultra Male.

The extremely strong and attractive scent of this fragrance is built with the union of black lavender, woody vanilla and pears! One of the most unique combos I’ve ever heard of…

Despite of its noteworthy projection and longevity + the much loved scent, it has still been ranked at the number 7 spot. The two reasons of doing so are:

  • It is extremely sweet: Contrary to Stronger With You, the sweetness of this fragrance makes it smell like a teenager who is just messing around and isn’t very focused on his future. If you don’t want to come off as what I just described, it probably isn’t the right choice for you.
  • Not unique at all: Because of the popularity and the worldwide success of Jean Paul Gaultier with this release, fragrance houses all over the world started copying the scent and tried to make their fragrances smell like Ultra Male. This made it a very common scent.

6. Fahrenheit

Dior’s Fahrenheit has always been a very daring fragrance. It is certainly not for everybody and quite frankly, not everyone can pull this master of fragrance off. Even though Dior Fahrenheit is one of my favorite fragrances on the market, I still had to rank it a lot lower in the rankings just for this reason.

This fragrance is for someone who loves the smell of gasoline. The ones who don’t, say that it is an awful fragrance. They say that they feel as if someone threw a cup of petrol on them. The irony is, the ones who love it say exactly the same!

One thing this is probably sure, not everyone you pass by, will love this fragrance. Heck, probably many will run away from you because of intensity of the fragrance. If you are confident and daring enough, and love gasoline, GO FOR IT!

5. Armani Code Profumo

Now it is getting really serious, we are in the top 5 of the list: The fifth spot belongs to Armani Code Profumo, the flanker of the famous Armani Code.

Armani Code Profumo is very similar to the original Code, but again, it lasts much longer and projects much further. It also has very similar base notes to the Armani Code: Leather & Tonka Bean.

Surely there are many people in the fragrance community who dislike this fragrance because they are tired of smelling all these bubble gummy fragrances like the notorious 1 Million (It really does smell like a bit like it).

But believe it or not, I haven’t encountered even one non-fragrance-savvy person who dislikes this fragrance. And frankly speaking, they are the ones who matter & not the fragrance community. It is because you’ll be passing by the normal people instead of the fragrance community.

4. Back To Black

In this entire list, Back To Black From the house of By Killian, is the most unknown fragrance yet one of the very best ones ever created!

It even has a lot of upsides to all other fragrances in this list:

  • One of the two niche fragrance in the list which, as a result, sets it apart from others.
  • Not that famous, which means it is not copied a lot (very unique)
  • It is unisex (your partner can also wear this one)
  • Comes with an out-of-the-world skull box… I love it!

Back To Black is fragrance made with white honey and cherries… YUM! This makes the fragrance one the most unique scent on the market. It sets you apart from the crowd almost immediately after putting it on.

The Projection and the longevity of this fragrance is amazing too! However, one big reason why it is ranked on the 4th spot, is because of its price: $240!

So If you can afford it, go buy it now. If you can’t, don’t break your bank, it’s is not worth it. I have some more amazing options for you next in line.

3. Amouage Epic Man

Amouage is not a mainstream fragrance house mainly because of its pricing and niche quality. It also creates fragrances that are not for everyone. All their fragrances may come off as offensive to many people because of their note breakdowns.

Amouage Epic Man, too, is for men who want to stand apart from the crowd, in their own league. It is for someone who wants to live as he wills and does not want to even think about what people think.

With some very spicy top notes, some balsamic middle notes and some very leathery and woody base notes, Epic Man builds up to become a very strong masculine fragrance that may scare many weak people off and attract some amazing people to you!

It stays on for a long time projects like crazy! So you don’t have to worry about the performance at all. This might be a great option for you if you want to stand apart.

2. Versace Eros

Versace Eros is the second best winter fragrance for men.

Here comes the talk of the town! The one who has magnetic powers that can attract many people towards him! He is the one wearing Versace Eros! It is extremely sweet & powerful + It goes on a long way and projects amazingly well too.

With a 4.7 stars rating on Amazon by more 7,500 people, it is sure that the people are in awe of this masterpiece!

It has a lot of vanilla, some great fresh spicy and fruity notes all in it, making it one of the strongest yet a very likeable fragrance at the same time.

You can wear this all year round but winter is the best time to wear it in my humble opinion because it note breakdown and strength to fight the cold winds and to go all day long!

1. Spicebomb Extreme

Finally, the best winter fragrance: My absolute favorite, the flanker of the famous Spicebomb… Spicebomb Extreme!

As the name suggests, It is one of the spiciest fragrances, the most extreme fragrances too, yet a very sweet one but not childish feminine at all!

People say it reminds them of the holiday season and rightly so, because of all those cold weather vibes you get when you put it on… Jeremy fragrance says it smells like you are in the Bahamas in a cold winter month (so poetic!).

Coming towards its performance, It is very long lasting and very strong in its projection. People say it lasts for about 12 hours on you and has a beast mode projection. People can notice you from far away.

I definitely recommend Spicebomb Extreme to anyone loves winter, spices and warmth altogether!

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