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How to Become an Alpha Male Fast!

About a year ago, the term “Alpha Male” Skyrocketed on Google and Youtube for all the right reasons!

While Some men think that the Beta vs Alpha Male Theory is nothing but a waste of time, many know that it is 100% right and legit (including me!)

One big reason that this theory is legit is that different men have different traits, different qualities, different levels of confidence.

Many of the traits and qualities can be obtained while others are god gifted…

We can not do anything and should not worry about the qualities we can’t have such as height etc.

But yeah, there are many other qualities and traits that we can have or improve to look and become an Alpha! Let’s Start!



If you know what NoFap is, you are already very lucky!

For those of you who don’t know what it really is, here goes :

Nofap is a practice of avoiding all forms of artificial sexual stimulation (e.g., watching porn and masturbating)

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages you get over other men by practicing Nofap:

You get loads of energy

This is Right Men!

If you start preserving your semen instead of ejaculating it everyday, you will soon start experiencing the energy you can’t even handle!

You will be Pushed to get things done, you will start doing great in gym, great in work + great in bed 😉

No nervousness in front of girls

You saw that beautiful chick and now you just can’t stop thinking of her, but every single time she is near you, you feel awkward nervousness…

Stop Masturbating today!

I promise that nervousness will end!

Acne free skin

Struggling from acne? 

Well, without any doubt acne will always make you look unhealthy, less attractive and less handsome (truth is bitter!)

So what can you do to make your skin go acne-less and start looking fresh?

Just stop playing with your d**k! Just stop and you will start seeing results within 2 weeks…

Razor-sharp eye contact!

Eye Contact

Eye Contact is way more intimate than words will ever be!

Faraaz Kazi

Yes, the beautiful quote above is 100% Correct and is one of my all time favorites…

But why?

If you have the ability to look at someone straight in the eye, (Very Rare) everyone with whom you make eye contact with, will automatically start believing that you are really confident!

Now, I know making eye contact is really, really difficult. Don’t worry, I am here just for you!

Some Good and Easy Tips:

Practice Looking to a Picture:

Yes, you read that right!

Practicing eye contact by looking at someone’s eyes even if it is just a picture, it will surely give you confidence to do it in real life!

Practice Looking to a Video:

Want to go one step further?

You can practice eye contact by looking at people’s eyes on a video which gives a real one-to-one illusion.

You can check out Improvement Pill’s Video >>>

Pro tip: Look at the middle of a person’s eyebrows

Now this tip is the very best!

If you look at the middle of any person’s eyebrows, you won’t feel shy + they would think you are looking in their eyes 👀

Open Body Postures

open body postures

Now let me explain what I mean by open body postures…

It means not using or holding closed body postures…

Some closed body postures:

  • Crossed Arms
  • Looking Down
  • Crossed Feet

*You may search them on Google if you want*

Now let me tell you why you need to avoid using these Postures:

•  They are also considered defensive postures, people think you are not confident enough.

• If you are used to these postures, people start believing that you are not interested to talk, as a result, they start avoiding you.

Keep trying and eventually you will win! Just don’t give up.

Stay fit!

stay fit

“It is really hard to get fit, but it is even harder to look in the mirror and not like what you see!”


It is really very important To be fit when 90% of all people are either overweight or underweight

Just by obtaining the perfect weight for your age and height, you will be much better than 90% of all other males (your competition).

 There are so many advantages you get if you are fit that you can’t even imagine!

  • Start feeling better.
  • Gain more confidence.
  • You feel like you can do anything.
  • Heart works fine.
  • Your mind becomes stable.
  • The list goes on…

Just eat right and workout regularly, you will be the superhero you always wanted to become!

Wear good clothes

Good clothes

This great way is my very favorite, and is going to be the favorite of anyone who loves fashion!

See, why do you think all of the Fashion Youtubers wear great clothes everyday?

It is because good clothing makes them look more macho and alpha than ever! People make an image of your character in their minds based upon your clothing style.

So, if you want to become an Alpha Male in everyone’s eyes, wear good, manly and macho clothes every single day!

Don’t know how to dress properly? follow this website for the best help! >>>

Not to forget dressing nicely will make you an alpha male in your own eyes too!

If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good!

Georges St. Pierre

Have some skills


Nothing makes you look more of an alpha male than your very own skills.

If you have got even couple of Great and rare skills, people will start seeing as a professional.

This is what you want! Alpha males are professionals! 

Having skills have many other benefits too!

  • You will have confidence that you aren’t of no use at all (many people don’t have it)
  • You have confidence that you are Much Better than the average.
  • When meeting anyone, you will come off as very confident!
  • You can impress your crush even at the very first meeting! 😉
  • Your Parents, Wife and relatives will feel proud!

This is the best quote I could find:

These are skills we can take wherever we go in life, no matter what we do!

Millie Hogue

Have passion


The modern day alpha male has the passion that all other beta males don’t possess. He has drive and all the motivation to succeed!

You might not know but all the hot women out there are ready to die for a man who believes in himself and is ready to reach heights!

If you will have the passion to pursue your goals, you won’t be distracted by the things of no value which billions of other men get distracted by easily!

A man who gives no damn about unimportant things is the most attractive and alpha without any doubt!

Passion is just priceless!

Passion is the energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you!

Oprah Winfrey

Be loyal


Can you tell me the two animals who are literally the most loved and respected in the whole world?

Exactly! Dogs and Horses!

Can you tell me the one similar trait they both possess?

Exactly! Loyalty!

Similarly it is very hard for us to become an alpha male without this trait.

If you aren’t loyal and good-hearted, the people who will come to your life will only be trying to use you and get their things done

But if you are good-hearted and loyal I promise the people you will encounter in your life won’t take advantage of you in any way! Instead, they will love you for who you are!

This is known as karma!

Nothing is more attractive than loyalty!

Have courage!


A man can never reach the level of an alpha male without the essence of courage!

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the will to fight that fear and come out stronger. It is a warrior’s trait!

Miuhammad Bin Naveed

There are so many advantages of being courageous, it is insane!

  • You’ll Start Gaining experience by trying out new things.
  • You’ll Start seeing things differently.
  • Have many more chances of success.
  • People will start respecting you.
  • You will be admired.
  • You will live a happy life (regret is the worst).
  • Get ready to become a role model for many!

Start by taking small courageous decisions and eventually, one day you will see yourself as a lion! 🔥🔥🔥

Give respect!


The very last and the most important: Respect!

Now I am not saying or asking you to respect every single being on the planet, I am asking you to give respect to the ones who deserve it!

It is because if you give respect to the arrogant and egoistical ones out there, they will start believing that they are superior to you and this is the reason you are respecting them.

Just respect the ones who deserve respect and the people will respect you if you are deserving of it…

Conclusion: How to become an alpha male

To become an alpha male, you first of all, need to clear misconception that you need to be loud, hairy and big, it is B*lls**t!

The Number #1 and most important rule to become an alpha male is to be a gentleman. Become a strong and a powerful gentlemen and you will be no less than an alpha male!

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Have a real great day my alpha males!

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